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Cold Pressed Juice cleanses

Alkaline Cleanse


A fantastic combination of low sugar, alkaline Cold-Pressed juices to help reduce acidity and boost your body pH levels in addition to helping shift unwanted body fat…

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Combination Cold-Pressed Cleanse

For some variety is key and this cleanse certainty gives you that! From tropical ingredients such as passionfruit & Brazilian pineapples, to cooling alkaline mint…

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Rainbow Cleanse

Alkaline Rainbow

This Cold-Pressed cleanse has more variety that the Mega Green Cold-Pressed Cleanse and contain a mixture of low sugar & alkaline, root vegetables and herbs to help…

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Pre Wedding and Red Carpet Cleanse

Pre wedding & Red Carpet Cold-Pressed cleanse

In preparation for your big day, we have teamed up with brianon Dolan, from the hale clinic to give you the ultimate 5 day weight loss cleanse…

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Create Your Own Juice

Your 7 Day Detox Box

…And just in time for Christmas! Raw & Juicy has created the perfect ‘Detox Box’ for you to create your own home juice cleanse…

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Corporate Juices

Corporate Cold-Pressed Juices

Be it juices for the office, bespoke juices for an event, or ‘white label’ juices for an exhibition, Raw & Juicy can provide…